Our Story – Medical Billing and Coding Company

With more than 10 years of experience in the medical billing and practice management arena, Primed Billing offers the most comprehensive and contemporary health information services. With our innovative systems and services, we aim at simplifying the operations of all health care facilities, irrespective of their field of expertise and size.

We at Primed Billing offer competitive solutions that ease the process of decision making, streamline all the operations of the medical practices and are compliant to the rules and regulations.
With our services, look forward to save time, maximize your returns and improve your services.

Our Objective

We aim at easing the paperwork of doctors, thus giving them more time to concentrate on offering the best care and services to their patients.

Our Perspective

Our goal is to become the market leaders, who provide the best technological solutions for all the issues faced by the medical practices. Primed Billing aims at achieving this goal by

  • Creating a team of experienced and likeminded professionals
  • Taking decisions that are at par with our beliefs and our goals
  • Using technology to simplify the complex processes
  • Giving medical practices an idea of innovations in the field of health care
  • Offering one on one connections in areas where technology fails
  • Researching and formulating innovations

Our Merits

A perfect amalgamation of innovation and invention, our work culture enables our team members to grow and thereby contribute to the growth of the company. At Primed Billing, we believe in

  • Positivity of culture
  • Passion towards work
  • Excellence of delivery
  • Accepting and adapting to the change

Our Team

The leadership team at Primed Billing is as diverse as it gets and is yet one of the best. Passionate about the cause, driven by years of experience and inspired by the need for innovation, we boast of one of the best teams.

Our experts work towards developing new systems that would make life easier for our customers while also reaping in more returns for them.

Our Customers

Primed Billing works in tandem with various medical practices and doctors’ clinics. Thanks to the years of experience in various medical fields and having resolved a wide range of medical issues, we competently serve all doctors and medical facilities, irrespective of their area of specialization.