Medical Billing Primed Billing simplifies your medical billing process. Join hands with us and start focusing on increasing your remunerations.

With us in tow, worries about collections would become a thing of the past. Our team of experts uses the best medical billing software and EHR to increase the revenues of your practice within the shortest period of time.

With our expertise in accounts receivable management, we ensure the most efficient and the maximum reimbursement for your practice.

What we Offer

Prompt Claim Submission

  • Electronic or Paper claim submission
  • Daily claim submission
  • Real time adjudication of claims
  • Review and scrubbing of claims based on regulations

Efficient Claims Management

  • Managing the underpaid claims
  • Management of denied claims
  • Re-submission of denied or underpaid claims
  • Management of appeals made on denied claims

Effective Payment Processing

  • Quicker collection of payments
  • Prompt remittance of payments to the accounts
  • Efficient paper remittance

Regular Follow Ups

  • Daily follow up on claim delays and payment
  • Follow up on returned claims and denials

Competent Insurance Verification

  • Verification of patient’s eligibility for insurance and benefits
  • Verification of plans, policy status and plan exclusions
  • Verification of deductibles, co-insurances etc

Reliable Medical Coding

  • Management of medical coding audits
  • Validation of DRG/ICD-10-CM coding
  • CPT coding

Timely Collections

  • Quick dispatch of patient bills
  • Reminder calls and email to patients on outstanding bills
  • Quick insurance collections

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