Primed Billing’s Healthcare Back Office improves operational efficiencies and appointment compliance while ensuring consistency in service level and brand representation with every patient engagement.

By working with a Medical Appointment Scheduling service provider, you may substantially improve your patient experience. Thousands of healthcare practises use Primed Billing to manage physician scheduling and appointment reminders.

In addition to a traditional Billing company or a practice management company, we understand the need for a comprehensive Medical Back Office Support supplementing the front office staff.

Our knowledge in systems and processes allow us to provide a perfect logistical cohesion to augment the constant need to hire-train-retain-fire personnel on a continuous basis.

We are the constant variable that continues to provide predictable, cost effective and a comprehensive Healthcare Back Office services & support to reduce the impact of staff shortages and technological changes.

Healthcare Back-office Support Services We Offer

Patient Appointment Scheduling

 Setup appointments for inbound referrals and/or calls from patients, caregivers, referring providers and facilities.

  • Don’t play phone tag – Get Booked
  • Increase & maximize your appointment utilization
  • It’s a REAL person managing your appointments.
  • Understanding your process(es) and systems is the key

Eligibility & Benefits

Go beyond running automated eligibility and estimations. We ensure your medical office appointment scheduling are fully monetized long before the patient arrives at your front desk.

  • No showdown at the front desk on the day of the appointment
  • Honey! Show me the money
  • Transparent for the patient, Predictability of cash flows for the practice
  • No Sticker shock!


We make the technology and simplified processes ensure that your authorizations are always obtained long before an appointment. We work with the insurance company, referring provider and/or patient to find alternate care options or scheduling changes required to avoid rejected claims post service.

  • Communication is the Key!
  • Happy Patient’s, Happy Practice!

Orders Management for Hospital

Manage and facilitate post and intra-care orders such as DME, Outpatient Imaging, Hospital procedures, Referrals-out and much more.

  • We take care of your patients after they have left your office.
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient engagement

To learn more about our Healthcare Back Office Services and how we can help your medical practice become more financially successful, Get in touch with us.