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Primed Billing

 We have over 10 years of experience providing nonparallel professional, personable medical billing and practice management services. Our goal is to ensure the stability and transparency of your practice’s cash flow. We offer personalized services at affordable rates, tailored to the specific needs of each client, regardless of size.

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Our Services
  • Medical Billing

  • Credentialing and Contracting

  • Supplemental and IT consulting services

  • Practice Management

  • Revenue cycle Management

  • Electronic Health Record System

How We Work
  • Claims Transmission

  • Retrieval and Checking of Medical Claims

  • Medical Coding

  • Charge Creation

  • Medical Claims Audit

  • Medical Claims Transmission

  • Claims Submission to Insurance Agencies

  • Follow-up and Settlement

    What We Are Providing

    Improved Medical Billing
    • High standards of billing offered
    • Every claim is scrubbed at 3 diverse levels within a span of 24 hours
    • Quick resolution of discrepancies and errors facilitate 100% settlement of claims
    • Real time view of all claims and payment related processes
    Systematic Automated Reminder Calls
    • Automatically generated reminder calls to patients for the settlement of bills
    • Periodic reminders on an automated system for bill settlement
    • An automated message that offers the patients information about the amount due and payment instructions
    Efficient Patient Scheduling
    • Efficient scheduling of patient appointments
    • Enhanced capability to handle schedules of multiple physicians, multiple offices and across multiple days
    • Automated reminders to patients about their impending appointments
    • Considerable reduction in occurrence of missed appointments and no-shows
    Quick Claims Collection
    • Real time information of any discrepancies or errors in the claims documents
    • Reduction in the time taken for processing the claim documents and reimbursing the amount
    • Feasible handling of multiple claims and payments
    Contemporary Patient Messaging System
    • Special patient portal for easy accessibility and connection with doctors
    • Assured security and privacy of the details and information shared