Revenue Cycle Management Services

At Primed Billing, we provide complete revenue cycle management services for medical practices and we’re here to help every step of the way. Our team offers comprehensive training for your staff in patient scheduling and registration, insurance eligibility, claim submission, and improved charting practices. With our expertise in revenue cycle management, we can help your practice achieve financial stability and growth.

Our primary goal is to maximize your revenue and improve your cash flow, so you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients. Contact us today to learn more about our revenue cycle management services.

Advantages of partnering with Primed Billing

  • As a Medical Billing Specialist, we have set very high standards for billing all charges daily. All claims are scrubbed at 3 different levels within 24 hours and any errors or discrepancies are resolved to ensure 100% payments for all claims. We use “Intergy” industry best practice management software by Sage Health.
  • All claims and payments related activities are visible to practice in real time, from anywhere making total billing cycle transparent. Inbuilt security administration allows the practice to control level of access it wants to give its employees and providers All practice reports are available to view, print or save to local computer.
  • Integrated Scheduler and patient flow monitor makes it very simple and efficient to track patients, collect co-pays and account balances and verify patient insurance eligibility.
  • Interactive training module helps practice staff to learn practice management procedures. We provide real-time support on training and ensure office staff and providers are able to take maximum advantage of our healthcare practice management services.
  • The fully integrated patient messaging system allows the patient to schedule appointments and communicates with providers securely via practice portal.
  • Monthly statements are sent to patient for patient balances. Robust collections module enables us to provide thorough follow-ups for patient and insurance balances.

Intergy Electronic Health Record System

Each practice has the option to integrated Intergy E.H.R., a CCHIT certified Electronic Health Record system. I.E.H.R is one of the best electronic health records systems available which makes practice go paper-less and also take advantage of “ARRA” incentives. Passage of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), commonly known as the Stimulus bill, prompting physicians to consider electronic health records. While ARRA may seem to be all about financial incentives, let’s not forget that the real reason behind this important act is to improve patient care and enhance chronic disease management.
Sage Intergy E.H.R ( is CCHIT CertifiedSM electronic health records (EHR) software that moves your practice to electronic health records without disrupting the way you function. Designed to complement the work style and clinical approach of every physician in your practice, Sage Intergy EHR works, thinks and moves the way you do.


  • Guideline-driven care allows for preventive measures and treatments protocols
  • Advanced clinical flow-sheets provide a view of a patient’s progress and treatment effectiveness
  • ePrescribing enhances accuracy and provides interaction alerts
  • Predictive Order Management allows for maximized workflow efficiencies
  • New Document Templates for capturing consistent, codified data (using the Medcin® database) allow flexibility to modify the outcome
  • Orders & Tasks allow you to easily create and track orders such as mammograms, blood tests, etc.
  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR) On Demand and ePrescribing provide you instant access to drug interaction information
  • Clinical record summary for Interoperability improves efficiency by sharing information
  • Automated patient visit templates improve documentation & analyze coding
  • Patient Privacy options ensure the security of sensitive patient data
  • Specialty-specific product features provide tools designed for your practice